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Why Should You Choose Us?

Window cleaning is the type of business where it attracts people of all kinds. This industry attracts people that are in it to make a quick buck, only want to work it part time, in turn, you will get some highly unprofessional people willing to do the work. This is exactly what you WON’T get when you choose us!

Prime Window Cleaning in Brooklyn, New York is a business owned and ran by family. We are located in the New York area and service most parts within a two hour driving distance. We been around for the past eight years. We are fully licensed, and insured. At Prime, we strive for 100 percent Customer Satisfaction, as we know it is what builds business. We want your repeat business, and your children’s repeat business for years to come. We know that building, strong, long lasting relationships is the key to having a profitable company.

Why should you choose us? For starters, we are a team of well trained, fully licensed professionals. We only clean windows, that is exactly why we are the absolute best at what we do! Our satisfaction rate is always at 100%, as most of our business is from our repeat customers in New York. Another great reason to choose us, is that we are never late to an appointment. You are also guaranteed a polite, uniformed professional to come to your appointment.

Another reason to choose us, is we have your interests at heart. We make our cleaning prices low and ensure several ways to pay. We clean all types of windows. Everything from office buildings to French doors. If you have windows that need cleaned, we can do it. Before your first initial window cleaning, be sure to call and set up an appointment for one of our professionals to come out and give you a Free, no risk estimate on the windows you need cleaned. You can call us anytime 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can even send us an email to set up an appointment. Whatever is easiest for you. You only pay after the job is completed and only after you are 100% satisfied with the results. The same is true even in bad weather. If you are scheduled for a cleaning and it is raining, we will come (if the weather is not threatening) or if you need to change your schedule, you can call and we will schedule it in a way that works for you!

One more reason to choose us, is for the cleaning agents we use. We know how important it is to be environmentally conscious these days and only use, safe, bio-degradable and approved my OSHA products for our cleaning purposes. We do not use any chemicals or products that will damage your house, furniture or floors. We think we have thought everything, when it comes to providing a fantastic service for cleaning your windows. For more information, please feel free to contact us and we can be to you within a couple of hours.

Call us now to find out more information.  Tel.: 718-496-4535


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