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How Often Should You Clean Your Windows?

Are you in the market for finding a good window cleaner in New York? Are you sick and tired of trying to clean your windows and not getting the results you want? Are your windows so dirty that no matter what you do, they still look dirty or streaked? Well, you have come to the right place to get every one of those problems solved!

The number of times you should clean your windows in New York varies. There are many factors to determine how many times a year you should clean your windows, or how often you should have them done. Most people usually have their window’s done twice annually. Once in the Spring and again in the Fall. This is a good rule of thumb when simply doing upkeep on the exterior of your house.

If you are a Brooklyn business owner, and have a large window store front, or you might have some younger customers that like to touch everything (including windows) you might want to consider having your window’s cleaned on a more regular basis. The window’s are what frame your building and help give it character. You always want your windows to be as sparkling clean as possible so you can give off a good first impression. With this in consideration, a good weekly cleaning should do the trick. We can clean your windows as often as you need, and can often times give you discounted rates in doing so.

Other factors to consider when deciding how often you need to have your window cleaned is your geographical location and what types of environment is your home or business in? If you live in urban areas, you might have more, smog and other pollutants that will dirty up your windows. If you live out in the country, you might have a lot of dust and debris churned up by passing vehicles or even by the weather that might cause you to need your windows done more often. No matter what the cause, we can get it cleaned for you.

When deciding how often you should have your windows cleaned you also need to consider very carefully who you have clean them. Make sure you do your homework and ask for references. Window cleaning is the kind of business where you never know what you might get. You might find any regular Joe, that might be willing to clean your windows at a “rock bottom” price, but he will not have the backing of a reputable company and will more than likely not be licensed. Choose a New York company that is licensed and insured and remember to ask for references. When you do this, you should have no problems at all building a relationship that will get your windows cleaned and help them stay that way!

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