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Prime Windows Cleaning NYC Our Services Page

We are a professional window cleaning company in Brooklyn, New York; therefore your windows are done by professionals, fully trained in the art of cleaning any window. Our technicians use the right equipment and chemicals to give your window the sparkling look that you desire. Every part of your window including the edges, sills and screens will be thoroughly cleaned with professional cleaning equipment like squeegee and chamois.

During the cleaning process, you wonít have to bother removing your furniture and interior decors close to the window. Our technicians will do them for you with no additional cost. Itís part of our job. While those cannot be moved, we will cover them to prevent accidental drops of water and cleaning chemicals. Because we value our client, we always handle their properties with utmost care and meticulousness. If needed, our technicians will wear shoe cover to avoid making the clientís apartment look untidy.

Our service areas in New York include: Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island, and Bronx. We are willing to go anywhere for bigger jobs. We offer top notch services to residential and commercial customers. We are specialist in:

Regular Window Cleaning
This is a simple way of cleaning your windows. Regular cleaning removes dirty spots from your windows. But there is no guarantee that it will remove stains arising from paints, sealants, or glass damage. This cleaning method usually involves the use of washer, squeegee, window soap, and chamois for the cleaning process. We usually charge $10-12 for a window.

Post Renovation/Post Construction Cleaning Of Windows & Glass Scraping
This method achieves a better result than regular cleaning. It involves the complete removal of stains arising from paint, sealants, and silicone from the window, before regular window cleaning is done. Once we are through using this method to clean your windows, you will definitely the outcome. Your window will be transformed into neat, dazzling and sparkling one. Because of the slightly difficult nature of this method, we usually charge $13-16 per window. But you will get the true value of your money.

Air Conditioner Removal and Reinstallation
Most people have the air conditioner installed in their windows. This causes an obstruction to the cleaning of such windows. To successfully clean such windows, the AC will have to be removed. Our technicians are specialists in the removal and reinstallation of all kinds of AC units. Thus if you have a window with an AC installed on it, you donít need to bother yourself calling an AC technician. We will handle the cleaning process as well as the removal and reinstallation of your AC units. Our fee for this kind of service is $25-40 per AC unit.

We are also into the cleaning of chandeliers. Once we are through with your lighting, you will marvel at the brightness and radiance of your chandeliers. We usually charge our clients from $50-70 for this kind of job.

Ceiling Fans Cleaning
Our ceiling fans cleaning service cost between $15-25 per fan. We can effectively and efficiently handle the cleaning of all kinds of ceiling fans.

Bird Protection installation
Our bird protection installation services are top class. The installation of bird protection helps to keep your window and AC in a clean state. If you are in need of this service, call us and we will give you a free estimate.

Call us now to find out more information.  Tel.: 718-496-4535

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