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We Provide Excellent Service For All Service Areas Listed Here

Our very professional and high quality window cleaning services are perfect for both homes and business places alike. We provide excellent service for all service areas listed here for the local region that comprises New York City and New Jersey. Our techs are nothing but the best and this is because they have been trained to be the very best when it comes to detailing windows in the most detailed manner that is possible.

We service the following New York areas. They are as follows:

• Brooklyn
• Manhattan
• Queens
• Bronx
• Long Island
• Staten Island
• New Jersey   

It takes roughly up to two hours or more to drive to these different services areas. However, we do not mind journeying to them at all, and will even consider driving even further if bigger projects do come along for us. Each one of these service areas is very special for its own reasons and we are more than happy to accommodate all those who may need our services the most. We are there to care about the windows you have and it shows in the fine cleaning we do from start to finish.

We have staff who are very polite and treat customers with the highest appreciation. If you have any questions concerning the cleaning service that we do offer or any other question that does need answering from us personally. Please feel free to contact us here at our office and we will do our very best to get you all of the information you need or answer any questions directly that you may have. The phone number to reach us at is 1-718-496-4535 and we are available whenever you need us to be there to address your issues or to answer any questions concerning our services, prices, and whatever else.

Prime Window cleaning Company is and does exactly what our brand name does specify to people everywhere. We are a full-service cleaning company and we us only the best equipment and materials when we do go out to do our work. We also clean up behind ourselves after the job is done and do not expect our customers to do that. This is because respect is what we know and practice each day we venture out to tackle more windows cleaning tasks that we are very fortunate to get from you, the customer.

Any set of windows that we do take on in these service areas will be handled properly from a total cleaning perspective and this includes cleaning them with a squeegee. Then we take to wiping the edges with a chamois. Sills and screens are also included in the cleaning process. What we start, we finish, and you are guaranteed of windows that will be spotless and shiny.

So, once again, let us reiterate this. We are totally committed to cleaning windows in all of the service areas mentioned here. However, we may also travel further, depending on the specifications for a certain project. Nonetheless, we treat all jobs, big or small equally. One job does not overshadow the other in our eyes. The thorough window cleaning we give is thorough from beginning to end and it does not matter what the size of the task is. The only thing matters is completing that task in the best manner possible and making our customers so satisfied with us. That hopefully they will be our return customers repeatedly. This is the one focus of our windows cleaning company. Our customers happiness means everything.

Therefore, if your windows are in dire need of some TLC, which is Tender Loving Cleaning. Please do pick up the phone and contact us right away. We will get over to your specific service area from amid the service areas listed and apply the thorough and caring cleaning that your windows do need and demand in order for your home or business to look spiffy in its own way. Take care and let us service your service areas very soon!

Call us now to find out more information.  Tel.: 718-496-4535


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